1bitHeart: Meet the Characters Set 3

1bitHeart, the exciting latest work from △〇☐× (Miwashiba), is coming soon to Playism and Steam!

We are really getting excited as 1bitHeart is going to be shown at PAX West this year. (More details here)

Today we are going to be introducing the third set of characters from the game!

Main Characters | Set 1 | Set 2


1bitHeart Characters


Voice: Hotya Shimoakari
Full Name: Rion Rocca
A girl who helps at a cafe. Full of cheer, but messes up lots and gets flustered.


Voice: Kanon Utatsuki
Full Name: Nasuki Chino
A woman working at a flower shop. A little scatterbrained, but gentle.


Voice: Kilyuuri
Full Name: Kamui Sora
A boy living at a planetarium. Has bad manners, and is harsh to others.


Voice: Tomoya Kanzaki
Full Name: Hasuya Moroku
A young gardener. Refuses to talk himself, talking through his Avatar instead.


Voice: Fuigo
Full Name: Oihara Akashi
A boy on a baseball team. Goes haywire and gets freaked out easily.


Voice: Syl
Full Name: Kusunose Misato
A woman living in a mysterious doll mansion. Has kind of a warped mind.


Voice: Etsum
Full Name: Ono Momori
A designer working at a clothes shop. Composed, but also highly curious and inquisitive.


1bitHeart is coming this month to Playism and Steam! Add it to your wishlists now!

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