1bitHeart: Meet the Characters Set 2

1bitHeart, the exciting latest work from △〇☐× (Miwashiba), is coming soon to Playism and Steam!

In the lead up to the release soon, we are introducing all the amazing characters you can meet and befriend within 1bitHeart.

The game has over 50 different characters. Each with their own fascinating story, unique personalities and stunning graphics.
Today, we are introducing more of the characters from 1bitHeart.


1bitHeart Characters



Voice: Masataka Shibata
Full Name: Kuruga Kiri
A middle-aged researcher. Loves muscles. Has a few screws loose.




Voice: Natsume Hyuuga
Full Name: Amaha Nio
A princely part-timer. (850 yen per hour) He’s aloof, but he does his job well.




Voice: Kanoho Honoue
Full Name: Suoh Sakuma
The girl running the music shop. Has a bad attitude and a worse mouth.




Voice: Hana Shirotsume
Full Name: Hiiragi Sekiyu
A woman working as a tour guide. Always seems distanced, not reacting much.




Voice: Miya.
Full Name: Asagi Yukinaga
A lively sports-loving boy. Optimistic and excitable.




Voice: Yokoware Spoon
Full Name: Kamome Akuta
A young author who always seems down. Commonly seen wishing for death.




1bitHeart is coming this month to Playism and Steam! Add it to your wishlists now!

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