1bitHeart: Meet the Characters Set 1

1bitHeart, the exciting latest work from △〇☐× (Miwashiba), is coming soon to  Playism and Steam!

In the lead up to the release this month, we are introducing all the eclectic characters you can meet and befriend within 1bitHeart.

The game has over 50 different characters that you can befriend in-game. Each with their own fascinating story, unique personalities and stunning graphics.
Today, we are introducing the characters from 1bitHeart and their Bit Phones!

See the main characters in our previous post. 


1bitHeart Characters


Voice: Sawako Yabumi
Full Name: Nemochi Yasune
The sweet old lady who runs the candy store. The cat on her lap is Hanako.


Voice: Akira
Full Name: Yakumo Shitara
The lady who owns the drug store. Uses Kansai dialect. She has two much younger twin siblings.


Voice: Donguri
Full Name: Yakumo Kuroku & Shiroro
Twin brother and sister. Playful and prank-loving. The white one is Kuroku, the black one is Shiroro.


Voice: Ayumu Yukishiro
Full Name: Hakuhi Iogi
The gentle shrine maiden. Deeply faithful, and easy to fool.


Voice: Suzufumi Kogawa
Full Name: Kyouri Takamiya
A serious policeman. Always has stomach pains over the trouble civilians cause.


Voice: anteenu
Full Name: Kurusu Shiren
The woman who manages the ramen shop. Wild and dependable.


Voice: Kana Natsukosh
Full Name: Asahina Kaori
The woman working the library. Hard to pull her away when she gets into a good book.


1bitHeart is coming this month to Playism and Steam! Add it to your wishlists now!

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