1bitHeart Coming Soon

1bitHeart , the newest title from △○□× (Miwashiba), known for their heart-moving titles LiEat and Alicemare, is releasing on Playism and Steam, with extra events added to the original game released in Japanese.

1bitHeart is a unique and endearing adventure game about making friends.


Take control of Nanashi, a lonely, agoraphobic boy as he steps out into the world to meet and make friends. However, the outside world isn’t as perfect as it may seem. A slew of mysteries surround the town, and Nanashi sets out to befriend people and try and solve these strange occurrences.

This is the story of a world in which pretty much everything is controlled and watched over by computer programs. One day, Nanashi―a young boy who has been cooped up in his room―meets a mysterious girl.


“Let’s make some friends.”



Nanashi accepts the young girl’s sudden invitation without giving it much thought.

At that very moment, some very strange things begin to occur in town…


1bitHeart is coming this August to Playism and Steam. Stay tuned for more information!

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